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Freight Calculators

Freight Calculators

Of all the freight calculators in existence, is extremely convenient and quite easy to use. Simply enter your dimensions and approximate weight into the calculator, and our software will do the math for you, giving you a perfect or next-to-perfect quote every time (the accuracy of our quote depends on the accuracy of your dimensions). You may have a higher (or lower) charge than our Freight Calculator gives you when your cargo arrives at our warehouse if the dimensions of your load are different than what you initially entered into the Freight Calculator.

You may enter your dimensions in whichever way is convenient for you. Freight Calculator allows users to enter dimensions in the following ways:

1. You may enter the dimensions of a single piece of cargo and select the number of pieces if all of your boxes are have the same dimensions.

2. You may enter the dimensions on the Shipper Worksheet if each piece of cargo has unique dimensions.

3. One of the most common and straight-forward ways that our clients use the Freight Calculator is to enter the cubic meters or cubic feet as a total value. Just enter "1" as the approximate Weight and Quantity.

The weight of your cargo isn't as important as the dimensions. Just remember, the weight is only for our reference. We never bill our clients based on the weight of their shipments. We charge solely based upon the total space that a load takes up inside our containers after it has been palletized, wrapped, and banded at our warehouse.

Also, keep in mind that Freight Calculator offers discounts for industrial clients whose cargo is pre-palletized. Household goods must be palletized for the safety and well-being of our workers as well as your belongings.

Freight Calculator Offers Full Container Service

If you have larger furniture items, it may be advisable to purchase our full container service. Furniture needs to be protected more than other household items during export. Full container service is more expensive than our regular service, but packing requirements are much less stringent with full container service, and you'll be able to self-load with full container service.

Cargo is shipped once a week to more than 300 international destinations. A schedule will be given by text, phone call, or email once you have your quote. Included will be a reservation number, sail date, and warehouse location nearest to you with cut off date. You may bring your load to the warehouse personally, or we can come to your place and pick it up for you. We also offer free warehouse storage for up to 30 days preceding a shipment.

How Will I Get My Stuff?

Either you or someone of your choosing can pick up your cargo in-person, or we can deliver it to an overseas address. You may track your cargo in real-time, and we will promptly notify you once your cargo has arrived at its final destination. All of our containers are fully insured for your protection, and we partner with only the most trusted and reputed network partners across the planet. Put simply; your stuff is safe in our care! As you can see, other freight calculators and ocean shared space providers pale in comparison to Freight Calculator.

Freight Calculators
Freight Calculator
Freight Calculators
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