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Real Estate Attorney Glendale Ca

Real Estate Attorney Glendale Ca
If you're searching for an experienced real estate attorney in Glendale, CA, consider Albert Abkarian & Associates. Abkarian Law's areas of practice include business law pertaining to real estate, as well as personal injury law including wrongful death, workers' compensation, auto accidents and additional areas of injury practice.
The Professional Law Offices of Albert Abkarian & Associates offer its clients the many benefits of a highly focused, small-sized business law firm, but with all of the important advantages of top national law firm experience.
Real Estate Attorney Albert Abkarian in Glendale, CA is experienced with all City, State and Federal laws and regulations and could assist you in the sale and purchase of personal or commercial property in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County and Riverside County.
While Albert Abkarian is a real estate attorney practicing in Glendale, CA, they are able to assist you in all matters in LA and SoCal. Their firm is pleased to be able to offer their clients a reasonable hourly fee structure and personalized attention that every client deserves to receive. Abkarian Law handles the following real estate issues:
- Review of Real Estate Contracts and closing documents
- Review of Complex Commercial lease and transaction
- Litigation of complex Real Estate transactions
- Unlawful Detainer actions
- Zoning issues relating to Commercial or Residential Properties
- Discussion of public relation issues and needs in your projects
- Setting up meetings with proper City officials to discuss alternatives and options for your project.
- No other real estate attorney in Glendale, CA can offer the same level of expertise
Albert Abkarian is not only a real estate attorney in the Glendale, CA area, he is also a professional artbitrator, mediator and discovery referee. Mr. Albert Abkarian is a Court appointed Mediator and an Arbitrator and has mediated and arbitrated thousands of cases in the past 22 years. He is highly respected by both Defense and Plaintiff's attorneys and could assist you in mediating or arbitrating your Business, Real Estate, Personal injury or other civil disputes. Their firm's Los Angeles Corporate Lawyer/Glendale Corporate Arbitrator, Mediator and Discovery referee is pleased to offer parties a reasonable fee structure.
Along with practicing real estate, Attorney Abkarian in Glendale, CA also practices in personal injury, and has successfully settled thousands of cases for his clients, winning millions of dollars for clients over the past 23 years. Abkarian Law works on a no recovery/no fee basis, and assured his clients that there will never be any out of pocket expenses while he is working on your case. If he does not recover for your case, you do not pay.
If you're looking for an experienced real estate, business law or personal injury attorney in Glendale, CA, consider hiring Albert Abkarian of Abkarian & Associates. Please call 855-888-1808 to speak with a lawyer from their firm who can answer all of your questions or set up a consultation with Attorney Abkarian.
You're also welcome to visit Abkarian Law's Web site at to see their credentials, entire list of legal practice areas, or read testimonials from clients who have hired Abkarian & Associates for their legal needs. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Hire Albert Abkarian & Associates. Call now.
Real Estate Attorney Glendale Ca

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